Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Witch Cult – Witch Cult (Holy Roar)

Witch Cult are a powerviolence band from Dorset who go in to this, their first proper release other than their demo tape, with some anticipation already surrounding them. This has built from the bands’ mysteriousness with early shows being played in balaclavas and even the spreading of false rumours as to who was in the band. However, even with this anticipation, Witch Cult definitely does not disappoint and has turned out to be one of the best hardcore releases of the year so far.
Witch Cult start this record very much how they plan to continue, with fourty seconds of squealing distortion. This abrasive and punishing sound is exactly what this record is about. This leads to a heavy Electric Wizard style doom metal riff before breaking in to the fast and furious style which makes up a large part of this release. Witch Cult continues in this style, switching between Charles Bronson powerviolence, Electric Wizard doom and Punch bass-heavy breakdowns for the entirety of the record. It’s this bass, surprisingly for a powerviolence release, which propels this album forward and holds these different branches together. No matter how far Witch Cult stray from the powerviolence sound, that bass guitar helps glue it all together. Witch Cult manage to do a very good job of all three of these styles they switch between and, while this album may not be for powerviolence purists, manages to bring accessibility to the genre without sacrificing on the energy, intensity or anger. Now this album isn’t long, it’s about ten minutes and fits on the single side of a 12”, and as much as it leaves you wanting more, Witch Cult manage to fit everything they need to in to this short space of time. They have released a record that sounds surprisingly complete and just down right brilliant for a band that’s so early on in their career.

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