Monday, 25 April 2011

Clams Casino - Gorilla

Clams Casino has been sending his beats out for years with them having appeared on tracks from Soulja Boy and Lil B. In the last few months, however, he appears to have realized he can do as well, if not better, without these guys and has been focusing on instrumentals. He recently released a mixtape of instrumentals from his past production work (which you can get for free here) and is releasing a solo EP calledRainforest on the 27th June. Here’s the video to that EP’s closer, Gorilla, which is directed by Jamie Harley. It’s a pretty dark and drone-influenced beat pretty typical of Clams Casino with, what sounds like, a pretty heavy witch house (sorry) influence. From the sounds of it, this EP is definitely one to look out for. It also has to be said that I’m a fan of the David Copperfield footage in the video.

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