Monday, 28 February 2011

Tyler, The Creator - Splatter

You probably don’t need to see another blog post anywhere on the internet about Odd Future/Tyler and I don’t seem to post about anyone else myself on here anymore but I really wanted to share this track. I can’t help but feel in all this Odd Future hype that their Radical mixtape is being generally ignored which is ridiculous seeing as it features most of Tyler’s and the rest of OFWGKTA’s best songs. The production on these tracks are just second to none and, with these being the most recent Tyler tracks (other than Yonkers and Sandwitches), they’re probably the biggest suggestion as to what Goblin will sound like. It has to be said, if the tracks on Goblin are half as great asSplatter then it’ll more than make up for the hype.
You can download this track and the rest of the Radical mixtape for free over at Odd Future’s blog.

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