Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lil B - Exhibit 6

Even Lil B's biggest fans are the first to admit that his releases are, lets just say, inconsistent. This is hardly a surprise seeing the profile of the guy who supposedly released over a thousand songs last year alone. Anyway, he released a new mixtape called Angels Exodus last month and he seems to have sorted that shit out. Angels Exodus' beats are darker than is typical of Based God and come from some pretty unusual places, he even samples a Washed Out song at one point. The lyrics are deeper than usual as well, especially seeing this is the guy who spat the line "Then I park my guy, then I fuck your bitch" on Wonton Soup. Angels Exodus is basically consistently good throughout and has some brilliant moments. You can hear the mixtape opener Exhibit 6 below and you can download Angels Exodus from here.

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