Monday, 21 February 2011

Frank Ocean - Nostalgia/Ultra

Frank Ocean is the newest addition to the Odd Future crew and they released his first album, Nostalgia/Ultra, this week. It sees them trying out some pretty different stuff with Frank Ocean making RnB kind of in the vain of The-Dream. Frank Ocean swaps the typical shocking lyrics of OFWGKTA for love, girls and relationships. The guy can really sing as well. While hearing the word RnB seems to be an instant turn-off to most people these days this really isn't to be ignored. Nostalgia/Ultra not only sees Odd Future evolve but also Tyler, The Creator's production. Here he makes a definite RnB sounding record but one that completely sounds Odd Future and like his work. Tyler also branches into sampling some pretty different stuff including MGMT, The Eagles and briefly including a bit of Radiohead. I kinda hope that Odd Future keep evolving in this way and branch out to put their own brand on some other great stuff.

Nostalgia/Ultra is available to download (like all of the Odd Future discography so far) for free so get it here.

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