Friday, 8 October 2010

No Age - Glitter

Los Angeles' duo Randy Randall and Dean Spunt, better known as No Age, released their new album, Everything in Between, last week. No Age have always written dreamy pop songs but hidden them behind feedback, noise and the fury and energy of punk. However on their new album, while all these elements are still there, their melodies and pop tendencies are far more forefront and in the open, not sounding dissimilar to My Bloody Valentine. Not quite the direction you'd expect from these vegan skate punks who used to be in the hardcore band Wives but it really is a great album. The second song on Everything in Between is called Glitter and is probably the most poppiest moment on the album. However, in typical No Age style, Glitter's dreamy vocal melody and guitar parts are accompanied by a tinnitus inducing noise loop. It's brilliant. Someone has created a fan video which goes perfectly with the song which you can see below.

And just in case you need reminding of how great No Age's last album, Nouns, is here's a video of them performing Sleeper Hold off it on The Daily Habit.

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